We’ve been working with Unibeez to drive sign-ups to their innovative student talent platform. Unibeez is an on-demand marketplace offering curated, skills-matched student talent for business. The platform is bursting with bright, student talent — available to work on ad hoc projects, mini-internships, and full-time work on graduation.

First things first.

We set up the analytics and tracking to monitor activity on the site and start to build a picture of overall performance. We split tracking between the website and the platform to understand how new and returning users were behaving. We also created conversions to enable us to see, for the first time, how many people were clicking through to the signup flow and how many went on to complete the process.

Automated reporting

We created a sophisticated Google Data Studio report to easily & visually report in realtime the key data points which were important to the business. By automating reports in this way, Unibeez were able to get all the data they needed, when they needed it, and we were free to continue doing the important hands-on tasks rather than putting together powerpoints & spreadsheets.

Hubspot & CRM

We set up the marketing contacts list within Hubspot. This was to be crucial to our email and retargeting campaigns. We took the contacts with Unibeez already had and created focussed lists based on various criteria enabling a granular email marketing strategy for the sales team.

Another key component to the CRM implementation was the creation of automated workflows to keep users engaged throughout the journey.

Display and Paid Search

With the above sorted it was time to switch on Display & Paid Search to complete the funnel. Programmatic Display was chosen for its targeted brand awareness capability, whilst Paid Search was put in place to drive bottom-of-funnel conversions.

After initially having no hirer sign ups through digital mediums, our activity began driving multiple hirer signups on a weekly basis. We continued to increase our conversions month on month by an average of 30%. By having view-through tracking set up on display activity, we were also able to attribute conversions that were driven through paid search or organically, back to our brand awareness activity.

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