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Fouad Halawi

Fouad Halawi

Founder — Strategy

Fouad has worked in the digital marketing industry for the last 10 years on clients including Barclays, Square, Mentos (and more) at some of the biggest agencies including Maxus (now Wavemaker) and DentsuX.

His main focus is full funnel strategic planning and campaign execution across all channels. Whilst studying Economics, he became obsessed about the fundamental flaw of thinking the world is rational and now seeks to understand 'real' human behaviour to inform and to plan campaigns with real-world impact.

Joshua Kimnell

Joshua Kimnell


Creative director - with a background in web development and illustration - delivering campaigns, brands and digital design for companies big and small. Clients over the years have included many start-ups, small businesses and large multinationals. Sharp, Epson, The University of Greenwich, The Bunesliga, Lyxor and more.

Joshua is committed to creating engaging on-screen experiences and communicating complex subject matter in a way that is effortless and charming

Chris du Preez

Chris du Preez

Head of Paid Media

Chris started his working life in direct door to door sales. Having exhausted all the doors he could knock on he transferred his sales experience to digital marketing. Over the last 8 years Chris has generated more than a million leads for the some of the largest banks and insurers including Firstrand National Bank, First Group and 1life, and sold a lot of consumer products for companies like Walkers Crisps, Lidl and Clarks Shoes. After working at some of the biggest agencies in the world Chris came to the conclusion that he wanted to spend more time doing the hands-on real-time campaign optimisations that drive the success for clients' campaigns.

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We realised while working agency-side that the time of the arms-length client relationship was over. Business moves too fast, response-times were too slow, workflows were too complex, and the values just weren’t lining up.

We’re interested in a different kind of partnership. That starts at ground-level. We want to understand your particular set of pressures and opportunities and work, pragmatically, as an extension of your team to deliver high-quality work - that works.